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Monday, November 09, 2009

The Dirty Three

You almost wonder how he finds the time. Despite having been a member of the Bad Seeds for the past few years and working on other solo projects, ‘Cinder’ is the seventh album that violinist Warren Ellis has released with the Dirty Three.

Much like the previous six albums, ‘Cinder’ is a tautly wrought with dueling violin and guitar, melancholic sounds and funereal longing. Unfortunately, with the exception of ‘Great Waves’ – on which Cat Power's Chan Marshall provides the vocal for the first Dirty Three song to ever feature lyrics – it sounds a lot like the previous six albums.

If you can ignore that fact that it’s also overly long, there’s nothing wrong with ‘Cinder’, it’s just that Ellis has done it before, and done it both better and more concisely.

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