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Monday, November 09, 2009

Juliette & the Licks
…Like A Bolt Of Lightning

History says that this should be terrible. Actors should rarely be encouraged to pursue a recording career. But, against all the odds, Juliette Lewis has not only managed to release a credible mini-album, but a rather fine one too.

‘…Like A Bolt Of Lightning’ is brimful of the sort US AM radio three-chord Joan Jett meets David Lee Roth’s ‘Living In Paradise’ turned 80’s new wave punk rock that you suspect that Juliette’s ‘Natural Born Killers’ alter ego, Mallory Knox, would have listened to while fleeing the scene of her recently butchered parents.

If Courtney Love hadn’t wasted her talent flashing her tits, beating up passers-by and making monthly court-appearances, if Hole were still be with us, this would quite probably be what they’d sound like now.

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