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Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Rogers Sisters
Mean Fiddler, London

If they were more mainstream, the chances are that the Rogers Sisters (well, the women anyway) would have been on the cover of every lads mag/bottom-shelf soft-smut rag in the country by now, and their faces would adorn notebooks alongside Playboy bunny-themed stationary in WH Smith. But as it is, the Rogers Sisters (and male non-sibling, Miyuki Furtado) are ours, and ours alone.

The public at large doesn’t seem to care about them. Amongst the mad scramble for trendy New York bands that took place a couple of years ago, the Rogers Sisters were somehow left behind. Sure, they got some attention, their name was bandied around for a few months, and there was probably at least one day when they were officially the hottest prospect on a platter of tasty morsels but for some reason both inexplicable and unexplainable, it didn’t last. Before they had a chance to consolidate their position, the Liars and Yeah Yeah Yeahs stole their thunder. And just to make matters worse, everyone then forgot about their more talented and, for the sake of battering this fact into the public conscious in the vain hope that you’re shallow enough to pay attention for this sole reason, better-looking peers. Fucking idiots, the lot of you.

So we find ourselves here, watching a pair of beautiful girls and their rather striking mate playing fidgety music full of wired and Wire-y guitars, taut drums and garrulous bass. Laura’s drumming is just an erratic spazz beat away from echoing true post-punk polyrhythms of Gang Of Four and the Raincoats, Jennifer stands there, guitar slung around her looking all cool and ever so slightly restrained, the perfect foil to Miyuki’s rock and roll antics. In a lesser band, there’s a chance that leaning back, letting go a torrent of spittle, neatly picked out in the stage lights, and catching it back in your mouth would be crude and ungainly, but tonight it merely confirms that Miyuki deserves to be regarded as your second favourite Hawaiian – only just missing out on the number one spot to San Jose and USA striker, Brian Ching.

As it is, the Rogers Sisters are the ultimate party band; new wave travellers forging a path between Theoretical Girls and the B52s, Huggy Bear and Assembly Line People Program, Le Tigre and Ill Ease. Which is exactly where we should want to find them; kicking out the jams in a world of their own, just being there, looking good and sounding even sexier. Just for us.