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Thursday, August 24, 2006

mclusky Do Dallas

Steve Albini must be think he’s in hog heaven right now. Not only has he just put on the American ATP with Sonic Youth, he’s got the British version to look forward to later this month and as a result he’s going to be over here to witness his latest progeny be unleashed on a largely unsuspecting country.

Mclusky are more than just the most recent band to pass through Albini’s Electrical Audio studios, they’re practically the screaming resurrection of Albini’s old band, Rapeman. You may want to make a note of that. Rapeman, not raperock. There’s none of this wussy mid-life crisis posing as teen angst for the mclusky boys.

If anything, mclusky are the antithesis of such pompous whining. ‘Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues’ is a breakneck charge though cruel and nasty punk rock and ‘What We’ve Learned’ is a carbon copy headfuck stomp of Albini’s Big Black. They even manage to staple their hardcore sensibilities to a pop song on ‘To Hell With Good Intentions’, though I doubt I’ll ever forgive them for nicking the lyrics from dead comedy genius Bill Hicks.

Despite all this, there’s a lingering suspicion that ‘…Do Dallas’ isn’t the sound of mclusky at their best. ‘Our Pain & Sadness…’ was a statement of such brutal intent that it was always going to be hard to equal, let alone surpass. While they occasionally match the ferocity and intensity of their debut, ‘…Do Dallas’ falls just short of the mark. If they hadn’t already shown us that they can do better, maybe it would be different. For now, this may be enough for mclusky to do Dallas, but they’re gonna have to do better next time if they want to claim a Dynasty for their own as well.

And if, as the song puts it, Gareth Brown says that “all of your friends are cunts” maybe they also need to stop hanging around with Mohobishopi.