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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Tin Star
‘The Thrill Kisser’

Imagine if Mansun had decided to record Primal Scream's 'Vanishing Point', but had only ever listened to U2. What you get is a record so resolutely stuck in the 80's, that it's probably going to become fashionable again soon. If this is the case, then maybe it's a good idea for Tin Star to sound like the worst moments of romo played by Gary Numan, although if any other eventuality should come to light, then 'The Thrill Kisser' is going to sound like it should be renamed 'The Worst Of Depeche Mode'.

Every track on here sounds as if Tin Star have sat down with Depeche Mode and Garbage back catalogues, mixed in the lightest possible touch of Massive Attack, studied the formula, and then created music that is completely without soul.

Of all the crimes presented here – indistinguishable carbon copy songs, mundane lyricism and a vocalist who sings as if he's just asked you to pass the salt – 'Viva' highlights everything that is bad about this album. The beats swirl together like a mud going down the drain, the singer chants "viva la revolution" quite a bit, and you think about maybe putting some music on instead. The only thing more criminal than 'The Thrill Kisser' is that Tin Star will probably reach a reasonable level of success with this brand of over sanitised stadium rock.