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Thursday, April 14, 2005

‘Adamski's Thing’

Somewhere in the depths of time, a man called Adamski made a song called 'Killer', with a little bit of help from his Seal, and then got sued by Lucozade for nicking their logo. Now, many years later, he finally makes his return. However, this time around he has failed to enlist the help of any his polar friends, a mistake which may prove his undoing. Even a penguin would have been able to tell him just how bad this album is, and that he would be better off not bothering to release it.

Across the majority of his 'Thing', Adamski comes across as the techno Divine Comedy, carefully structuring his sounds, mixing in the strings amongst his usual bleepy noises, and then whining all over the top of it. 'Climbing Up' features some Enya type warbling, while 'Piccadilly Circus' bores you to sleep so quickly that you've got to wonder if he's ever been to the place. Even 'One Of The People' and 'Intravenous Venus' don't add any interest to the mix, though if you insist on listening to anything from this album, you should stick to those two singles, and 'Love Story', in which Adamski manages to sound a bit like Barry Adamson moaning along to 'Wanting Song' by the Pecadiloes.

During 'One Of The People', Adamski grumbles that he finds himself "on my own with no one else, listening to the same old song, all night long", well, he's only got his thing to blame for that.