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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Music For A Stranger World

It’s the question that’s on everybody’s lips – how will Bis react to being dropped by their beloved Beastie Boys and cast out from the Grand Royal haven? Well, if ‘Music For A Stranger World’ is anything to go by, then it seems that they’re still in denial because if they were dropped for being shit they certainly don’t appear to have bothered doing anything to rectify that issue. While they had originally endeared themselves to a pop-starved public by re-enacting the punk wars on a Bontempi and drum machine and bouncing around like prepubescents wrecked on Hooch and sherbet dip singing about school discos, they now seem intent on imitating the sounds that blighted our school discos that we all endured for so many years.

In an effort to recreate such soulless, whining trash, ‘Are You Ready?’ sees Manda reaching for even more helium than usual, turning herself into some mutant Debbie Gibson parody before revealing that she has about as little idea as to how they still exist as we do (“Unsure of what is going on / I bite my lip and I cannot seem to stop”, ‘I Want It All’). And then just to pile on the disappointment some more, ‘Beats At The Office’ reveals itself to be yet another us against the man rant instead of a thinly disguised metaphor for a spot of sly under the desk masturbation. It is, however, a pile of wank, so maybe that’s the link.

Bis don’t want this mini-album to be treated as a stopgap and hope that we will consider it a “proper” release. The last proper release I had was brown and lumpy and recently disappeared around the u-bend. ‘Music For A Stranger World’ could soon be following it.